Google preparing for the Mobile Era ?← Back

Back in 2012 a small mobile icon appeared briefly in Google search results to seemingly indicate that a site was mobile friendly. Fast forward to September 2014, and on my mighty nexus 4 the icon in question has made a comeback.
The icon is positioned off to the left of the URL and is displayed as a little green phone icon. It seems the icon will only show up when searching from a phone or tablet to denote a site that offers some sort of mobile version. It doesn't seem to be too picky about the nature of the mobile version. 
At the moment (30/9/2014) there has been no official news from Google. Could this be the beginning of a full rollout of such a feature ? What does this mean for sites that ae not mobile friendly ? In our opion you have no excuse for your site being not mobile friednly in the current market. Google may well remove this feature again but they may not !


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