15 Minute Blog : Bring on the Onion !

Dependency Injection, Unit tesing, BDD, TDD, Mocking I could go on and on, the development world and associated tools to in our day to day job are transforming the way we work, quickly !

Wireframing with Moqup

We’ve recently been using Moqups and think it’s great ! It’s intuitive, incredibly fast  and the free plan is ideal to get started and can be used commercially for free.

Google preparing for the Mobile Era ?

Small green mobile icon re-appears in Google search results (September 2014) , what does it mean ?

Rebuilding Search Index

No documents being returned MS CRM 2011 - Adxstudio

Shellshock Vulnerability

First Heartbleed and now Shellshock, what does it mean for the future of open source software ?